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Here is a great website having all motu patlu games offering to play online. We all know about Motu Patlu they are two Indian guys who are very famous on Nick Channel of India. These two guys named Motu aur Patlu become popular back in 2012 When it was first aired on Nick Channel. Here in India Kids like to watch motu patlu cartoons these animation cartoons has more than 208 episodes and one of the important things which I want to share about motu patlu is the it has great songs which small childminder like to listen. You want to download Motu Patlu songs in video or Audio we are given the audio link of Motu aur Patlu title song. Moreover if you like to watch or download motu patlu video song via YouTube or daily motion please scroll our site for links about video songs.

The first idea was conceived by  Kripa Shankar Bhardwaj who got an idea about to create motu patlu cartoon series which later got immense popularity among kids in India and pakistan. After 4 successful seasons of motu patlu  animation it has more than 230 episodes aired via Nick Channel. Let’s talk about the brief location where they live. Basically they are the residents of small town called Furfuri Nagariaya this is small town in India where our horse lives a simple life with other characters who had played great role to make it a successful cartoons. Besides living a simple life in Furfuri Nagariaya our heroes are very modern they know how to live life with tech and they do all good things they are up to date.

Let’s talk about other characters. There are other main characters of the story are Dr JhatkaThe Inventor, Ghasitaramfriend of Dr. Jhatka, Chaiwalasamosa maker, Sabzi Wali Vegetable seller, ChingamPolice Inspector, John, Number 1, Number 2, Boxer, Bubble Gum, Hera and Pheri of Motu Patlu animation. All these characters are also cool and they make a great blend to make story more catchy and worth watching. Especially Dr Jhakta he is great doctor with jhakta is good he invented thing for motu and patlu to blow up the village for them. Chingam is police inspector of the village where they reside the popular dialogue of Chingam is stop in the name of law sounds funny indeed.

He keeps on eye on all happenings in the furfuri nagairya . Motu is big fan of Samosa he like to eat tons of samosa every day and night with out thinking he is such a fat man if he should could try to adjust his diet plan.

Motu Patlu has almost 16 games which as lots of interesting games to play. You may also search about motu patlu cricket games and cooking games but you can not find out motu patlu cooking games. If you wish to download the audio song in mp3 you can click the download button here below.

We try to provide you  games free download for pc. You can also watch motu patlu movies, and download motu patlu wallpapers any many more things for free no need to pay for these things via downloading online. This animation series become so much popular so that it has translated in many languages for kids all over the world like Telugu, Tamil, English, Hindi, Urdu.

 List of Motu Patlu Games to Play online

    • Nick Cricket Academy
    • Bowling Champ
    • Play Batting Champion
    • King OF The Field
    • Wicket Keeping Champ
    • Play Snowboard Challenge
    • Bounce
    • Hot Shots
    • Dino Drop
    • Play Paint Fun
    • Smiley Chomp
    • Cherry Bomb
    • Book Cricket
    • Santu Bantu
    • Hungry Motu